The wines of the farm respect the vinification method established by the paper quality of the "Renaissance des Appellations" which describes the process of winemaking permitted and prohibited. The grapes that produce these wines come from vineyards aged 40 years cultivated following the biodynamic. The wines are all certified organic by Bioagricert.

Read Carta Qualità (in italian) or visit the site "Renaissance Italia"

LIBER IGT Rosso Toscano 2014

The “Liber” Igt 2014 enjoys the peculiarity given by a robust and tannic Sangiovese which is rounded off by the presence of Canaiolo and by aging. Despite the difficult vintage that suggested wines with a fragile structure, this Liber 2014 responds with agility and freshness, supported by an excellent acidity characteristic of the Chianti Rufina area. Vol. 14%

CANESTRINO IGT Bianco Toscano 2019

Canestrino responds to the authentic tradition now almost completely abandoned of the Tuscan white of Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes. This 2019 vintage is certainly among the liveliest, with tones of acidity and lightness, of immediate drinking and pleasantness suitable to accompany not only fish and not only aperitifs and blue cheeses, but also white meats, mushrooms, truffles and vegetable dishes or first dishes. Pleasant and original when drunk alone, it enhances and adapts surprisingly with food. It is also worth trying it with cured meats, pâté, and anything else that the imagination can suggest, always thinking that it is still a white wine of "Tuscan breed".

Vol 12%

PADRONALE IGT Rosso Toscano 2013

“Padronale” was written in chalk on the favorite barrel of Valentina's grandfather, Agostino. And this meant that no one but him could access it without his permission because that was his recipe, his creature.

Passed down over the years, and in honor of him, this blend has been re-proposed since 2006 by choosing the best of all the Liber tonneaux  presenting the characteristics necessary to

face a long aging and become a "reserve".

Padronale 2013 presents an olfactory sensation of ripe fruit, wild herbs and wet earth. A large and original bouquet in the composition, but also fine and harmonious.

Vol 13%

LIBER IGT Rosso Toscano 2012

A particularly dry year, 2012 with its great heat slowed down the ripening processes of the grapes in the summer, recovered at the last dip with the long-awaited rains and milder temperatures in September. These phenomena have contributed to the release of a wine that is more articulated in its need for expression, first of all the longer aging time in the bottle than usual which now allows us to be able to taste and appreciate it. Vol. 15%

The typical sweet wine of Tuscany is produced by drying white grapes on racks for about three months. The grapes are then pressed and the must left to mature in the so-called "caratelli" small barrels of different woods in which over time the "mother" is formed, jealously guarded over the years and which gives body and character to the wine. Our Vinsanto currently available is from the 2009 vintage; 90% Trebbiano and 10% Malvasia grapes were selected. A long aging in "caratello" has given the wine great sweetness although never cloying thanks to a fixed acidity that creates structure and leaves the mouth pleasantly clean. Excellent as a dessert wine but also original in accompanying paté, anchovies and cheeses.

Vol 13%


The latest addition, the wine contained in the Bag In Box is all Sangiovese. Brilliant and direct in its simplicity, it is a lively accompaniment to any meal.

It can be defined as a "carefree" wine.

Pack of 5 liters Vol. 12%